Everything you read, write, and do hinges (or hangs) on the words you use. Using the wrong word can completely change the meaning of what you are trying to say.

I know. You don't like reading. Or you are going into a career that doesn't require writing. Here's the deal - every career - from farmer to CEO - requires you to be able to read, analyze, and write. Even a simple text can influence how a client or investor perceives you. Whether you employ these skills or not, it is important for you to at least understand why and think for yourself. Show everyone how smart you really are (because you are really smart).

This site is going to keep things pretty simple. Each class tab contains information from the syllabus for the year and a calendar so you can see what's due. Class specific announcements may be posted from time to time, but generally that information will be shared in our Google classroom.

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